Philosophy behind the app will go here – support adoption of NGSS, sample unit, cite Brian Riser as adopted in Catalyst Planner by Liz Buttner



Jaime E. Rechenberg, Ed.D is a highly qualified science education specialist and holds a doctorate in educational leadership and supervision from American International College.  Jaime is no stranger to science education having spent 16 years as a middle and high school science teacher, teaching chemistry, biology, physical science, earth science, and general science. As a science education specialist, Jaime is a leader in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) reform efforts around the CREC region and State of Connecticut. She specializes in NGSS training for teachers and administrators and three dimensional curriculum revision to meet the rigorous demands of the NGSS.  Passionate about science education and its possibilities, Jaime provides a variety of services that help districts align to the NGSS including building teacher capacity with three dimensional instruction through workshop modules and instructional coaching, providing strategic planning tools for districts as they align to the NGSS, facilitating curriculum review and revision, and organizing a forum for teachers to develop and share NGSS aligned curricula through the NGSS curriculum writing consortium. To contact Jaime, please email her directly at jrechenberg@crec.org or go to look for her upcoming events on CREC’s website.


Liz was drawn to teaching science early in her career as an elementary school teacher. She transitioned to middle school science teaching to focus on developing multi-disciplinary, inquiry-based science curriculum. Her teaching was recognized with a Connecticut Teacher of the Year award and a Middle School Science Teacher of the Year award from the University of Connecticut Huskies Foundation. In 2003, Liz joined the Connecticut State Department of Education as the state science supervisor. She worked to develop the state’s first system of science standards, curriculum-embedded science performance tasks, portfolio-based teacher evaluation and state science assessments. Beginning in 2012, Liz spearheaded statewide awareness-building, stakeholder engagement and implementation planning efforts leading to Connecticut’s adoption of Next Generation Science Standards in November 2015. Liz is now an independent consultant, working to support the design of NGSS curriculum and professional development systems.

Sample units reference and adapt work done by Brian Reiser et al. Their work can be viewed in the originally published format at nextgenstorylines.org.


We would like to thank the following people for helping test early versions of Catalyst Planner and providing valuable feedback:

  • Terry Wilson

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